LNG is the clean and economical marine fuel for the future.
The new regulations for the sulfur emissions in the Baltic Sea and in the North Sea, and their extension to the Mediterranean Sea, the US coasts and probably along some Asian countries coasts are strongly pushing LNG-related investments and innovation in the marine industry.

All the key role players of this industry have started to invest in technology, infrastructures, new dual fuel or gas only engines for ships and vessels, and in new LNG bunkering ships.

All the Vanzetti Engineering centrifugal submerged pump models can be class approved and, according to their size (proportional to flow rate) and number of stages (proportional to head) can find applications as:

  • Spray pumps or stripping pumps on LNG carriers and LNG bunkering vessels
  • Main or back-up pumps for feeding gas to low pressure marine engines, with differential pressure that can reach up to 20 bar
  • Small to medium cargo pumps
  • Ship to ship bunkering pumps
  • FSRU / booster pumps, with differential pressure that can reach up to 55 bar

According to customers’ requirements, such pumps can be mounted:

  • On the bottom of the LNG tanks
  • Or inside vacuum insulated cryogenic sumps, installed at the foot of the LNG tank

In both cases, the seal-less concept, with motor bearings permanently lubricated by LNG, allows a permanent cold condition for

  • Quick and efficient start and stop operations
  • Extremely low need of service and maintenance

Marine high-pressure applications

Vanzetti Engineering has recently invested in the research and development of the VT-3: a new reciprocating pump designed and built according to the marine class rules.

VT-3 is already available and can be applied as high-pressure pump for feeding gas to the MAN MEGI engines:

  • In TRIPLEX configuration
  • Flow rate up to 14 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 350 bar

VT-3 can be supplied on skid, also class approved, with all the sensors, instruments and accessories for its safe and reliable control.

LNG transfer system


MannTek is the leading designer and manufacturer of LNG transfer systems and LNG bunkering systems. 

MannTek has supplied LNG transfer equipment to most of the largest LNG Fueling facilities around the world. MannTek equipment is used to fuel the Viking Grace, the world’s largest passenger ferry, Tote Maritime’s Isla Bella, the first LNG powered container ship, Harvey Energy, the first US LNG powered OSV and many others.


LNG is the clean and economical marine fuel for the future.
With more than twenty marine pumps projects completed and supplied, and tens in its order portfolio, Vanzetti ARTIKA submerged pumps are the optimal answer when customers are looking for:
  • Fuel Gas pumps
  • Spray Pumps
  • Stripping Pumps
  • Cargo Pumps


LNG is the clean and economical marine fuel for the future.
With more than twenty marine pumps projects completed and supplied, and tens in its order portfolio, Vanzetti ARTIKA submerged pumps are the optimal answer when customers are looking for:
  • Fuel Gas pumps
  • Spray Pumps
  • Stripping Pumps
  • Cargo Pumps




Depending on the engine type and characteristics, Fuel Gas Systems pumps can be either submerged type ARTIKA models or piston type VT-3 Models.
These two families can be applied to all kind of LNG fuelled ships. Vanzetti is the sole supplier of all the Fuel Gas Systems pumps of the Carnival Corporation LNG Cruise Ships that will start to operate from the end of 2018.
Vanzetti also supplies Fuel Gas System pumps to the Royal Doeksen LNG catamaran ferries, where the flow rate demand is very low. The ARTIKA 120-3S model guarantees reliable and stable both flow and pressure output, even at these very low flow rates.
Container vessels such as the Wes Amelie (converted vessel) or the Nordic Hamburg / Containerships Container Vessels (new built) exemplify some of the many small flow rates ARTIKA pumps applications: in one case for 4 stroke engines, in the second one for 2 stroke XDF engines. The ARTIKA 120 model is modular from 3 to 6 stages, allowing to cover the full range of marine gas engines.
The first trans-Atlantic Post Panamax LNG Car Carriers to be built owned and operated by Siem Car Carriers. It will be equipped with MAN MEGI two stroke engines and our VT-3 Fuel Gas Systems pumps. Depending on the engine consumption requirements, the VT-3 pump can be tailored by our engineers in Simplex, Duplex or Triplex configuration, and can be proposed on skid version with all the accessories, instruments and sensors for its reliable and safe operation.
Other interesting applications are the Heerema Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel (SSCV) Sleipnir, where 16 of our ARTIKA 160 pumps are installed, and the LNG Crude Oil tankers built in Samsung Heavy Industries.
In both cases our ARTIKA models can pump the LNG from extremely low to very high flow rates, with supplied differential pressures that can vary from minimum levels up to the almost 20 bar necessary for the XDF two strokes engines.
Our engineers competence allows to quickly study customers’ requirements and promptly supply all the technical documents related to our LNG pumps proposal, including the performance curves.


Orders for such vessels are constantly increasing, since it’s the best solution for a cost-effective, movable gas supply to:
  • Power plants
  • Industrial areas
  • Small towns on coastal areas
  • Islands with no gas grid

Depending on the customer needs, Vanzetti can supply different pumping solutions for FSRU projects:

  • The bestseller ARTIKA 200-4S, which can give more than 30 m3/h flow at 35 bar
  • The new developed ARTIKA 200-6S, able to reach up to 55 bar differential pressure.

Such pumps can be either installed in-tank or in-sump.

Their extremely high reliability guarantees continuous process conditions for all customers applications.


LNG transfer system


Ship-to-Ship (STS) indicates the transfer of LNG, LNG bunkering, from one ship to another. STS operations include both two ocean-going ships underway or harbor operations where moored ship is normally moored or docked at a pier. LNG transfer ship to ship occurs with various types of vessels to include LNG carrier, FSRU, LNGRV, LNG feeder vessel or LNG bunker barge or vessel. The STS operation can either be a cargo transfer or a fueling operation for a LNG propelled ship.

  • STS operations demand strict safety standards and flawless execution considering the factors involved with two ships at sea. The following products are available for transfer systems for this service:                 
    • DDC -Dry Cryogenic Couplings
    • CBC -Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings
    • PERC -Powered Emergency Release Couplings
    • LNG Transfer Hose
    • HPN2 Power Unit
    • ESD1&2 system -Wire utilized ship drift of control system

    Contact us for more information about solutions used in LNG bunkering and LNG transfer ship-to-ship

Our team is at your disposal for all kinds of requests.


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